California Helicopter was founded in 1958 to provide support for the commercial helicopter industry. Since 1970, it has specialized in the Sikorsky S58 and S58T helicopters. In 1981, California Helicopter purchased the support program for the S58/S58T from Sikorsky Aircraft Division of United Technologies Corporation. That purchase included a large parts inventory, blueprints, tooling, and technical data.

California Helicopter has the largest inventory of certified commercial parts in the world for the Sikorsky S58/S58T helicopters. The inventory includes over 20,000 line items. This makes the goal of shipping every parts order within 48 hours or less, not only possible, but achievable.

In addition, California Helicopter has the F.A.A. Parts Manufacturer Approval ("P.M.A.") to manufacture all of the parts for the S58/S58T (except the rotor blades and engines.) Using carefully selected vendors and Sikorsky blueprints and technical data, California Helicopter's quality assurance personnel monitor the manufacturing process from start to finish.

As part of its ongoing activities, California Helicopter refurbishes S58T airframes to an overhauled condition, either on a contract basis with operators or for resale. The airframes are stripped, inspected, repaired as required and repainted. All dynamic components, including the engines, are replaced with new components or overhauled to zero-hour TSO condition.

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